A Thin and Perfect Mask

Dinner Pests, Conclusion

As the adventurers crawled through the sewers, they encountered a woman in the service of the Saldaris family. The serving girl, Maylene, explained that she had been forcefully infected with a roach larva by Dietrich, as had the other servants. They fell asleep, and when they woke up, they were only puppets for the malevolent insect within. Maylene’s insomnia saved her, but it was only a temporary reprieve. Her request for a merciful death was somberly granted by Bohr.

The adventurers raced onward to confront Ralan Sidar, who raved about a mysterious “Lord” who had promised him a new arm in return for his service. Ralan’s wish was granted suddenly and gruesomely when a sticky vestigial limb ripped from the elbow of his functioning arm. Dex’s storm magic sent Ralan careening into the sewer current that carried him off the edge of the Skyway district and to his death a mile below. Fenthick Fairywillow arrived just in time to confront the final roach creature, a mature specimen that had grown to enormous size. As the battle raged, a Prophecy Mark revealed itself. Upon touching it, Pseudonym experienced a vision of the same strange stone disk he’d seen in the mind of the Xen’drik warforged, as well as a huge golden eye.

The adventurers made their way back upstairs to report their success, but were greeted by a grisly scene. Ingris Sol was unconscious and Alyssa Saldaris lay dead, her throat slashed, and the dwarf Sigurd rushed to her lifeless body. Her sister Alexis explained coolly that a roach creature had survived to knock out Sol and kill Alyssa, and was then incinerated by Alexis’ magic. Certain that Alexis was not telling the whole truth, but without sufficient evidence to pursue the matter and exhausted from their close scrape, the party-and Sigurd-took their leave of her.

Outside of the Saldaris estate, the party encountered a figure who would identify himself only as “The Glass Man.” The mysterious man seemed to know much more about our heroes than they did of him. Using mirrors to somehow transport the adventurers to and from an unknown location, the Glass Man explained that the bizarre events that seemed to follow them were not coincidence, but part of a larger pattern—the Draconic Prophecy. This Prophecy did not dictate a strict progression of events, but indicated the points at which the future of the world of Eberron could swing in one direction or another. It also predicted how Eberron sometimes came into contact with other worlds in places called “manifest zones.” The Glass Man, offering payment up front and promising more to come, extended a job opportunity to Tropical Hooray: they were to travel to the Shadow Marches and investigate the disappearance of one of the Glass Man’s operatives, Doria Veledaar, as well as complete her mission of investigating some sort of imminent Prophecy event.

Returned to their roving office by the same unfathomable method that whisked them away, Tropical Hooray was left to consider the uncertainty of their future, feeling much like sailors in a fog-choked reef. Danger lay ahead, but perhaps answers did as well…

Dinner Pests, Continued

Undeterred by the appearance of the bizarre insectiod menace, Tropical Hooray acted quickly. Several of the cockroach monsters had escaped the initial battle, and the Saldaris estate was not safe by any means. The Rapturous Dex and Ingris Sol remained behind to guard the widow Alyssa and her sister Alexis, the dragonmarked heir. Meanwhile, Bohr, Pseudonym and Fenthick ventured below, where the cockroach that lurked inside the skin of Dietrich Saldaris had fled. Bohr noticed a thin, translucent film that the cockroach left in its wake—small insects and arachnids seemed to be attracted to it. The beardless dwarf Sigurd joined the adventurers as they sought to exterminate the remaining roaches.

At the bottom of the stairs, the team found a workshop that Sigurd explained as belonging to Ralan Sidar, who’d rushed ahead after the roaches. One wall had been torn away, revealing access to the sewage system of the Skyway District. Before they ventured into the sewers, Pseudonym and Bohr conducted a search of Ralan’s workshop, turning up provisions for surviving underground, empty vials, and an unusual amulet—a dessicated eye set in a ring of volcanic glass.

Continuing onward, Tropical Hooray soon discovered that the roaches were not the only threat. Several large species of insects, attracted to the sticky trail left by the roaches, assaulted the adventurers. A desperate battle ensued, almost claiming their lives. Meanwhile, the voice of Ralan Sidar echoed through the sewer pipes, growing fainter, beckoning them closer and begging them to hurry…

Dinner Pests

The adventuring party known as Tropical Hooray quickly filled their phoelarch companion Ingris Sol in on the events of the previous day. As dusk drew near, a skycoach arrived to whisk the ragtag band up to the wealthy Skyway district, which floats above the rest of Sharn on magically powered platforms. The residents of Skyway are so rich, they can afford to piss on the rest of the city. That’s not a metaphor—the sewage of Skyway empties over the Cliffport district.

Upon their arrival, the party was ushered in by the Saldaris’ servants, who flitted around like highly competent mayflys. Inside, the adventurers met the chief executive of the Saldaris Expeditionary Company, Dietrich Saldaris. In addition, they made the acquaintance of his apprentice and business partner Ralan Sidar and the radiant sister of Alyssa, Alexis d’Phiarlan, a dragonmarked heir of House Phiarlan. Sigurd and Alyssa made up the remainder of the dinner party.

Tensions were evident among the group—no one seemed to have kind looks or words for Dietrich, and glances between Ralan, Alyssa, and Sigurd spoke encyclopedia volumes. Everyone but Dietrich was marred somehow, between the beardless dwarf, Ralan’s broken arm, and Alyssa’s hidden bruises. Alexis seemed friendly enough, and Bohr struggled to get her attention, but she was as inscrutable as braille to an amputee. Dietrich, for his part, droned on about his collection of Xen’drik artifacts, and especially his ancient warforged artifact. A curious Pseudonym tapped into his telepathic powers in an effort to reach the mind of the petrified warforged, and something came back: the image of a (stone?) disk, proportions unknown, overgrown with vegatation, and an unshakable feeling that something was wrong.

Dinner concluded with wine and a congratulatory speech by Dietrich, who suddenly seemed tired. Alyssa led him away to his chambers, and the guests were dismissed with an injunction to return at the same time tomorrow.

A sudden awakening roused our heroes from their beds as Alyssa came pounding on their doors the next day. Seems that the problem wasn’t that her husband was dead, but rather that he got up in the morning anyway. Alyssa readily admitted to the murder of her husband, but Dietrich, despite having no pulse and no breath when he was put to bed, was up and stumbling around the mansion today. The party investigated while Fenthick guarded Alyssa, waiting for night to fall so that the dinner guests could assemble again and Alyssa could confront them. Bohr, Dex, and Fenthick heard bizarre rumors that Dietrich had spent the day kissing all of his servants. Pseudonym meditated while preparing for the worst, and Sol’s research turned up mostly articles about Dietrich’s acquisition of the warforged artifact, but also some mention of Dietrich’s interest in “Gatekeeper Seals.”

When the party returned to the Saldaris mansion, the other guests were just arrived. The servants, now clumsy and stumbling, herded them into the house. Dietrich suddenly appeared, only to shoot out the light source with a crossbow. Strange, fleshy sounds permeated the darkness, and the quick action of Sol revealed giant, white cockroaches bursting from the skin of the servants, their glistening carapaces still new. By the light of Sol’s flare, the party engaged in a desperate battle against the parasitic insects. Dex electrocuted a number of roaches, Psuedonym cleverly baited a pair into attacking him and then retaliated with his psionic power, Bohr carved into them with his axes, Sol incinerated another two, and Fenthick managed to keep his friends alive while doing “an awesome action slide.”

When the smoke cleared, the party realized that several of the roach creatures had escaped, including the one masquerading in the skin of Dietrich Saldaris. Sigurd Thomsson pledged his hammer to the crew, while a babbling Ralan Sidar ran after the roaches to try and kill them before they escaped. The only way out is down, into the bowels of the Saldaris estate, through whatever horrors await…

At the Sign of the Dragon

Night fell in the Deathgate district like a body from one of Sharn’s innumerable towers. While looking for work, Bohr, Pseudonym and Dex found themselves at a bar called the Sign of the Dragon. The mute halfling bartender seemed irritated by the adventurer’s presence, but Pseudonym was able to calm him. The three companions felt as though they were being watched, and investigated a smoky corner table to find their stalwart partner, Fenthick Fairywillow. Determined to advertise their achievements and attract potential clients, the gnomish bard struck up what was possibly the most heroic and beautiful ballad ever sung in the Dragon. The previously irate bartender shed a tear at the song’s conclusion.

Fenthick’s song had the intended effect, and the party was approached by a tall eladrin woman named Alyssa and her protective dwarven companion, Sigurd. Alyssa explained that she and her husband Dietrich (pointedly not Sigurd) were shareholders in a Xen’drik expeditionary company, and invited the adventurers to join them for dinner at their estate the next day. Alyssa left in a cloud of smoke and uncertainty, turning back for a brief moment to glance at Fenthick.

The group decided to celebrate their possible patronage by drinking. Unfortunately, a group of Deathgate adventurers were also drinking while nursing a grudge: the party had stolen their thunder. Bohr’s impatience and drunkenness led to hostilities, but the minotaur was quickly sobered when Fenthick doused him with hot coffee in an uncomfortable place. The adventurers made quick work of the Deathgate gnolls and their Kenku allies, and Dex struck the killing blow. Impressed, one of the gnoll women propositioned Dex, and an uncomfortable Fenthick and Pseudonym left. Bohr remained behind, passed out in a drunken stupor.

The Story So Far

Ingris, Bohr, Fenthick, and Dex are unlikely band that witnessed the catastrophic Day of Mourning event that brought an end to the Last War. 2 years after their harrowing experience, they foiled an attempted terrorist attack in the heart of the Brelish metropolis Sharn along with the House Cannith heir Ultique. Six months later, the four adventurers and their new dwarven associate have capitalized on their renown and the reward money to found their own consulting business. Unfortunately, business is slow. The Last War left the economy of the entire continent in a shambles.

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