• "The Rapturous" Dex

    "The Rapturous" Dex

    This volatile sorcerer is (in)famous for exposing himself publicly. Yes, that means what you think it does.
  • Bohr


    A hulking ranger whose vocabulary does not include the word "die."
  • Fenthick Fairywillow

    Fenthick Fairywillow

    A delightful and diminutive bard who enjoys music, whimsy, and heroics.
  • Ingris Sol

    Ingris Sol

    A hot-headed phoelarch swordmage who never backs down from matters of honor.
  • Pseudonym


    A mysterious tiefling with strange powers of the mind. Also pays for everyone's drinks.
  • Alexis d' Phiarlan

    Alexis d' Phiarlan

    Sister to Alyssa and an heir of House Phiarlan, she is an intelligent and powerful wizard.
  • Alyssa Saldaris

    Alyssa Saldaris

    Wife of Dietrich and one of the three shareholders of the Saldari Expeditionary Company.
  • Dietrich Saldaris

    Dietrich Saldaris

    An independently wealthy man who's recently founded a Xen'drik Expeditionary Company.
  • Doria Veledaar

    Doria Veledaar

    A half-orc private investigator and operative of the Glass Man.
  • Jonah Kress

    Jonah Kress

    This white-haired, scarred man has been glimpsed in visions by Pseudonym.
  • Ralan Sidar

    Ralan Sidar

    The third shareholder of the Xen'drik Expeditionary Company.
  • Sigurd Thomsson

    Sigurd Thomsson

    Sigurd is a veteran explorer of Xen'drik. He's the primary consultant for the Saldaris Company.
  • The Glass Man

    The Glass Man

    A strange man who is interested in the Draconic Prophecy.